Side Show by Taylor Maye Morrison


Chapter one of “Last Temptation” a book based on Alice Cooper’s Last Temptation album.

The Devil is among us. Of course, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that two days ago. Two days ago was just like any other day. Dylan came over and smoked a few joints in my bedroom with me. His hair was a mess from constantly rubbing his head in the paranoid, twitchy way he did. I took the joint he passed to me and took a few puffs, the smoke burned my throat a little, but I blew it back out in a big cloud above our heads and handed it back to him.

“We running low?” Dylan asked after finishing the second joint we lit up. I looked at our baggy on the desk. Only a few crumbles of leaves sat in the bottom of the bag.

“Yea man,” I said. I looked at the clock and saw 3 hours had gone by since he first came over and all we’ve done was smoke. “Dylan, we need to do more,” I said taking the joint back from him. The weed made my head feel heavy, but I could still feel the boredom.

“Why?” Dylan looked passed me as if he were looking at something behind me. I knew it wasn’t. He was just really stoned.

“We used to do so much more,” I said putting the butt out in the ashtray. I would scoop the remains back into the bag later.

“You mean back when you were still dating?”

My reaction was as fast as my anger peak. My foot collided with his leg, and he yelped out in pain. “Don’t EVER bring her up again.”

Dylan’s eyes jutted down to the floor, and he rubbed his leg. If he weren’t so stoned, he would have yelled at me, but weed made him quiet and shy.

“Sorry dude.”

I didn’t know what to think. Looking around the room I tried to keep my mind off of her. It wasn’t something I allowed myself to think about. Not since the incident.

Dylan picked up the TV remote and turned on the television, probably to drown out the silence. It blurred into the background for a while. I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge Dylan’s presence just yet. He knew bringing her up wasn’t cool.

“Hey man, you wanted to do something?” Dylan said. I wasn’t going to look at him. “Dude, there’s a carnival in town.”

I didn’t look at him, but I looked at the TV. It showed an ad for a carnival with rides, stores, and other really strange merchants. I didn’t know if it was the weed or the boredom talking, but I really wanted to go. I even acknowledged Dylan’s presence again.

“Yea, we should go to that,” I said as I stood to grab my coat.

I should have stayed home. I shouldn’t have listened to Dylan. But I didn’t. And here’s my story.


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