Review: The Struggle *Vampire Diaries Series*

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“The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle” is the second book in the Vampire Diaries series. It follows Elena Gilbert and Stephen Salvatore just as the first book did but introduced two new characters, Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman.

Elena discovers her diary is missing which contains vital information that could jeopardize Stephan’s ability to continue living in Fell’s Church (Mystic Falls for fans of the show). Elena and her friends try to find her diary before it’s too late. Damon Salvatore has plans of his own and spends the duration of the book trying to get Elena to allow him to turn her into a vampire.

I enjoyed this book. Not much was wrong with it (except for two things I’ll mention later as they are spoilers). I thought the writing was executed well, and the plot kept me reading. It didn’t focus on love as much as the first book did, which I appreciated since their love never felt real to me (refer to my review of “The awakening” for further details). We also got to see more of Damon, whose a fascinating character. He’s the definition of a vampire. Damon can turn into a crow at will, has no interest in others lives, will kill at a seconds notice and has powers beyond measure; this all spells out “VAMPIRE” perfectly.

Now, I want to mention the things I didn’t like. SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HASN’T ALWAYS READ THIS BOOK!

I thought Stephan’s proposal to Elena was a bit silly considering she’s only seventeen. I know plenty of people who have gotten engaged at that age and had it go through, but a good chunk of them don’t because they aren’t mature enough to handle the relationship properly. Later on, when her Aunt Judith voices her dislike of Stephan, Elena practically throws a hissy fit about marrying him.

“He’s not ‘that boy,’” she said again, her voice deadly cold. “He’s Stefan, and he’s all I care about. And I happen to be engaged to him.”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous!” Robert thundered. It was the last straw.

“Is this ridiculous?” She held up her hand, the ring toward them. “Were going to get married!”

It all came across like a toddler temper tantrum, and I couldn’t take it seriously at all. I also hated that Stephan used the ring of his ex-girlfriend to propose to her, and she was ok with it.

The other part I didn’t like was right after Stefan drank the blood of a gang who was after him. He drank a total of four high school boys and was instantly as strong (if not stronger) than Damon, who’s been drinking humans since day one. It all seemed too abrupt and maybe a little bit rushed.

I say, if you enjoy vampires, urban fantasy, or anything supernatural, you will enjoy this book series. The love is a bit exaggerated, but if you can get passed that part, you’ll be very entertained by this series.

I give The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle a 4 out of 5 stars.


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