Review: Gathering Blue *The Giver Quartet*

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This book is the second in “The Giver Quartet”, followed by “The Messenger” and “The Son,” all of which report back to “The Giver” and answer some unresolved questions.The story is interestingly simple yet complex, as are the characters.
Struggling to survive alone in a poor, hostile village, Kira worries she will be forced to go to “the Feild” after her mother dies from a disease. Kira was born with a twisted leg and in this village, its either work or die. However, the council members of the community rescue her from this fate and relocate her to luxurious accommodations inside the Council Edifice. The catch is, she must use her weaving abilities to fix the sacred robe. She finds other children living in the council’s homes with the same abilities she has. A boy named Thomas, who can carve wood and a girl called Jo, who can sing. Just like her, their parents also mysteriously died. Kira realizes her community is rooted in evil, but she has the power to change their fates.
While “Gathering Blue” lacks the level of intensity achieved in “The Giver”, I recommend this book as they both explore similar themes and would provide ample opportunities for discussion on a variety of topics.
I wished for a few things to explain a little better. However, this was a well-written complement to the series. I cannot wait to read the next two books in the quartet.

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