Review: Betrayed *House of Night Series*

Book Review (1)

I honestly wish the House of Night series wasn’t so problematic. Betrayed is the second book in the house of night series and begins directly after “Marked“.

It continues to follow Zoey and her friends as they grow into adult vampires and learn the ways of being a fledgling.
The overall story of this book is great. Zoey discovers what appears to be zombie ghosts of her dead classmates and tries to unlock the truth what happened to them. Zoey juggles three love interests, which is a little annoying since that’s the trope used in ALL young adult novels.
The parts of this book I couldn’t stand are the same issues I couldn’t stand from the first book.
The slut shaming is ridiculous. One sentence Zoey’s calling Aphrodite (a bully who’s in the whole series) a hoe, then turns around and describes her own lust for the three men she’s passing around, then talks about how Aphrodite would understand the blood lust she’s been experiencing so she feels the need to confide in her about it.
This book makes fun of mentally ill people. Zoey hates her abused, neglectful mother but feels sympathetic for another character going through and acting the exact same way.
They point out Damien (one of Zoey’s friends) being gay at every chance they get and even his boyfriend has the same name as the character from “Broke Back Mountain”.
The shallowness of this novel is unreal. The characters talk about guys being “yummy” and “hot” as often as possible and at completely inappropriate times.
At one point Zoey and Heath were standing in front of a swarm of enemies talking about making out/how hot they were right before fighting for their lives.
The dialogue at times was pointless, and the writers didn’t know how to clean up their work.
The story was good, but I wish the little bits weren’t so terrible.
This novel gets a 2.5 out of 5. It’s worth reading but only if you’re smart enough to roll your eyes at some of the problematic parts.


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