Review: Lucy in the Sky

Book Review (12)

“Lucy in the Sky” by “Anonymous” (AKA Beatrice Sparks), is another novel written in the style of “Go ask Alice”, a journal written from the point of view of a drug-addicted teenager.
Before I continue, I would like to state that these stories are fictitious. I was a huge fan of “Go ask Alice” and it broke my heart to learn these books were all fiction written as propaganda to spread drug awareness. With that being said, this novel is STILL a disappointment.
If you read this book without knowing it was fiction, the story would be heartbreaking, sad and, yes, very enjoyable. With the knowledge they are made up, this book becomes very obvious to its agenda. It throws you out of feeling “bad for the character” and into “this is a story with an obvious message”.
The story follows a teenaged girl whose name is never given. After meeting two new friends named Lauren and Ross, (Let’s call her “Lucy”) gets introduced to drinking and pot. From there her life goes downhill while she experiments with cocaine, meth, heroine and a variety of pills.
This book is supposed to make you hate drugs and fear them, but instead, it practically makes you want to try them all! The author makes drugs sound amazing. She mentions how great they are throughout the story and then skims over the bad.

The ending is a tragedy. If you’ve read “Go ask Alice”, then you know this book ends in a similar manner. I didn’t like this ending as much because, for one, I knew it was made up and two, it was so abrupt. She gets out of rehab and is 100% clean. She’s so happy to be off drugs, she had a support system, a caring family, and friends who supported her and then the next page is her newspaper report of her overdose. The motive wasn’t there and it seemed like a thrown in ending to make us hate drugs (Look! The girl got better BUT THEN DIED ANYWAY!! *Insert DUN! DUN! DUUUN!*). It felt like such a cop-out.

This wasn’t a BAD read, I just wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers *I wouldn’t anyway due to the nature of it, but the “drugs are amazing” theme isn’t helpful either*

I give this a 3 out of 5.


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