Review: before i fall

Book Review (13)

“Before i fall” is about a girl named Sam. She’s popular, pretty and everyone loves her. After a big party, Sam finds herself in a fatal car accident. Instead of seeing heaven or hell as one would imagine, Sam wakes in her bed and repeats the same day over and over again.

I started this book expecting to hate it. The characters were snobby, terrible, spoiled and Sam tries to justify their actions. I literally almost walked away from this book. I’m so glad I didn’t. The character development is amazing. It’s incredible how much the author makes you care even when you’re reading the same information presented only slightly different each time over the course of this book.

Sam was a very relatable character and I found myself imagining myself from high school and reliving my time in 11th-12th grade through these characters.

The story is very good and has a few shocking moments, but for me, the story was overshadowed by the characters. If you like good character development, read this book.

5 out of 5. The only thing I would change is the ending, but I knew it would end the way it did. No real complaints.

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