Writer Series #2: Things Writers DONT Do


Things writers DON’T do! (or at least they shouldn’t)

Writers have a hard time. They really do. Writing isn’t easy. If someone says writing is easy, they aren’t a writer. If you find yourself stuck, check this list. If you do anything on this list, fix it!!

These are some things that even the bests writers find themselves doing and should really knock it off (including myself)

  1. You don’t believe in breaking the rules

First of all, rules are there to be guidelines, don’t ignore them. BUT just like any rule, they are meant to be broken. Learn the rules of writing and then break them. Follow your own voice.

  1. You’re not reading!

If you don’t like to read, you probably don’t like to write. They go together. Stories should be your bread and butter. When you aren’t writing, you should be reading, (hell… a movie, tv show or video game with a good story element is good enough too). If you feel you can’t afford enough books to always be reading, check out Thrift books.com they are extremely cheap! OR GO TO THE LIBRARY!

  1. You only write when you’re inspired

Inspiration is a lucky thing that comes once in a blue moon. When it hits, take advantage of it, until then scrape bottom and do your best with what you got.

  1. You procrastinate

Procrastination is a plaque to writers. Putting off one day turns into two, turns into a week, a month a year and you don’t even stop to notice. You need to put down everything you can (prioritize) and write. Even if you write 50 words a day, it’s something.

  1. You get offended by critics.

The worst mistake any writer can make is ignoring critics. You either think you know more than them or you like your work too much to change it, or you just feel like a failure if someone says  you  to need to fix something. DON’T BE LIKE THAT. You can’t improve without critics. Accept the help you’re given and grow. Thick skin is the only way to survive being a writer.

  1. You’re trying to be the next *Insert super famous, best-selling, amazing author here*

All the best authors started out just like you! BE YOURSELF! Don’t worry about making a million dollars from writing. Most authors have second jobs. Most authors can NOT live off their book income alone. Writing should bring you pleasure, so don’t worry about being the next Stephen King.

  1. You don’t believe you’re a writer until you’re published and living on the income

Writers write. Period. Refer to # 6

  1. You open too many projects

Writers finish stories. If you bounce between too many, then you’ll never finish them. You will bounce forever. Pick one (or two) stories and stick to them until the end THEN move on

  1. You’re not writing

Writers write.


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