31 Days of Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask


“The Haunted Mask” is a classic Goosebumps staple. The cover alone is iconic and super creepy. I remember as a child watching the moving and being terrified.

“The Haunted Mask” is about a girl named Carly and she’s a chicken. She’s afraid of everything so for Halloween she wanted to be the one doing the scaring. She finds a mask store in town and after fighting with the shop keep because he wouldn’t allow her to have it she throws money at him, and takes the mask, (seems pretty ballsy for a ‘fraidy cat).

Before going trick or treating she takes the project her mom made for her (A model of Carly’s head) and put it on a stick to carry around.

Soon Carly starts acting different, she’s mean, violent, and all over not Carly. Her friend Sabrina tries to take the mask off to discover that she can’t…literally! The bottom of the mask fused to Caryl’s skin.

After ditching the bust of her head, she goes back to the shop and the owner tells her she needs an act of love to remove the mask and if anyone wears it again, it will be permanent.

The remaining masks in the store fly toward Carly and chase her down the road. Carly uses the bust of her head as an act of love to remove the mask and the others disappear.

Carly goes home and hugs her mom and finds her little brother with the mask on and he can’t get it off!

This was a great, disturbing story. It’s a classic and it holds up to its reputation.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars. One of the bests.


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