31 Days of Goosebumps: Deep Trouble


This was nothing like I expected.

The cover threw me off and I thought it would be a generic shark attack story…nope!

Billy Deep (get it…”deep” Trouble) loves the ocean and his Uncle Dr. D is a marine biologist. He takes Billy and his sister Sheena onto his boat for the summer (why is a “bring your nephew to work day.” A repeated them in goosebumps?)

Billy learns his Uncle has been looking for a mermaid! While searching Billy is almost eaten by a hammerhead shark (oooohhhh the cover) but he’s saved by a mermaid.

His uncle catches the mermaid and plans to sell it. Billy doesn’t want to since the mermaid saved his life. In the middle of the night, mermaid bandits (yup…) try to steal the mermaid. Billy, his sister, and uncle are thrown overboard and rescued by more mermaids (for a rare species everyone thought was a myth, they sure are bad at hiding).

They rescue the stolen mermaid and Dr. D tells the zoo mermaids don’t exist (hardly).

This wasn’t scary but it was creative and a refreshing change.

4 out of 5 stars. All ages would enjoy it.


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