31 Days of Goosebumps: Go Eat Worms


“Go Eat Worms” was on par with “Attack of the Mutant”, Children would love it but it’s not scary.

Todd loves worms! He collects them with his friend Danny and uses them to scare his sister Regina. Todd plans to enter his worm house into the science fair, BUT Patrick is also putting a worm house into the fair.

Todd tries to figure out Patrick’s project so he can beat him. Regina gives him a fake address and they end up in a house, being chased by an evil ghost dog and corpses (breaking and entering, check, finding dead bodies, check, ghost dog, check, normal Friday night). They get back at her by putting worms in her Papier Mache bird (her project for the fair). The worms fall out onto the judges.

Patrick’s worm experiment was a worm mansion with working elevators. Turns out, Danny’s terrible deflated balloon solar system project wins the fair though…why?

Danny and Todd hear an earthquake-like rumble while digging for worms.

Todd slices a worm in two to try and gross out his sister and shortly after he starts to find worms EVERYWHERE. They filled his hat, his food, his bed. He decides to get rid of the worms.

Next day at school he hears that Regina had been putting the worms in his things (Therapy much?) So Todd once again goes for revenge. When his digging a giant worm comes out of the ground and takes Todd (what???) His sister comes by and scares the worm with her Papier Mache bird and it lets Todd go. He collects butterflies instead from now one.

Then he’s awaken by a giant butterfly with a huge silver pin to take revenge (come on…)

This book was silly. It wasn’t scary. It was just a bunch of children playing with worms, the haunted house was pointless, the science fair was pointless, the giant worm was random, the bird was too convenient and didn’t get me started on the butterfly.

2 out of 5 stars.


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