31 Days of Goosebumps: Ghost Beach


We return with another Goosebumps book with a dumb name…”Ghost Beach”…creative.

“Ghost beach” starts with the Sadler twins Jerry and Terri (again…creative). The very first scene of the book is a dream sequence…22 books in and RL Stein is really running dry on creativity…oh well…ANYWAY.

The Sadler twins are sent to live with their cousins Brad and Agatha for a month. While there they meet three new Sadler family members, Sam, Nat, and Louisa. Together, they find an old man living in a cave who they believe to be a ghost. They decided to stop him because he’s evil. While blocking the cave entrance with rocks the old man pulls them into the cave and tells them he’s not a ghost. He tells them Sam, Nat, and Louisa are and for some reason, they don’t believe him (no idea why, Jerry and Terri saw the graves earlier with their cousin’s names on them).

They eventually believe him and trap their cousins in the cave.  Jerry and Terri  go back to the house and tell Brad and Agatha what happened. For some reason, those cousins are ghosts too and they end the story by asking “What do we do with these kids?”

There were inconsistencies in the book big time and lack of motivation. Why did the old man live in the cave/care about the kids/get trapped? Why were the cousins dead? Why did they hide that? Why were they evil?

I was satisfied with this book for the most part but not enough to reread.

If you’d like to see a funny review of the Goosebumps episode Ghost Beach click here

2 out of 5 stars. Kids would enjoy it.


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