31 Days of Goosebumps: Return of the Mummy


Oh, another Mummy story…I can’t wait…

I wasn’t a fan of the first one so I wasn’t looking forward to reading this one.

Gabe is the main character again and he goes back to Egypt to visit his uncle Ben (insert Spiderman joke version 2) and cousin Sari. Sari loves to pull pranks on Gabe just like before and also like before, Gabe has his mummy hand

Uncle Ben thinks he discovered King Tut’s cousin Khor-Ru and his tomb should be filled with gold. He gets interviewed by a reporter named Nila Rahmud. That night Uncle Ben uncovers the tomb and the mummy are missing.

Uncle Ben tells Nila about the curse to make a mummy rise and Gabe and Sari say it (dumb, did they learn nothing from before?)

Push comes to shove and Nila is revealed as the Mummy’s sister making her 4,000 years old. She brings the mummy back to life but he wants to stay asleep so he chokes Nila, her necklace breaks and she turns into a beetle.

Overall this one was waaaay better than the first even though the characters still made dumb mistakes.

3 out of 5 stars


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