31 Days of Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium


“Phantom of the Auditorium” is a classic that many writers have followed since, (or at least the part about a ghost in the theater).

Brooke and Zeke audition for the school play and both get lead parts. It was rumored that 73 years ago a phantom stopped the play from being performed (good idea to allow your high schoolers to perform it than…).

A new kid comes to a school named Brian. He, Brooke, and Zeke break into the school to prove the phantom is real. They are caught by a night janitor named Emile. Turns out Emile doesn’t exist, or at least he doesn’t in the eyes of the school. From there all sorts of stuff starts happening that freaks them out.

Brooke, Brian, and Zeke break into the school again to find the phantom. The play set was destroyed when they arrive but Ms. Walker finds them and blames Zeke so he’s banned from the play. Now for the third time they break into the school and find out that Emile was a homeless guy living at the school and he destroyed the set. Zeke is allowed back in the play where the REAL phantom appears and falls through the trap door and dies…again (???). After the show, an old yearbook shows that Brian was the phantom.

This book wasn’t scary at all, anyone could have been the phantom and it was totally predictable.

3 out of 5 stars. Not scary but interesting to read.


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