31 Days of Goosebumps: It Came From Beneath the Sink


 “It came from beneath the sink” was an interesting read. It came from real life fears such as your gross kitchen sponge. We’ve all thought about how nasty and “dangerous” that thing is (yuck)!

Kat and Daniel move into a new house and find an old nasty sponge under the sink. Soon after finding it, bad things start to happen, one involving a very gross visual of a nail going into someone foot.

Kat and Daniel discover the sponge is a “Grool” and it carries evil and bad luck to the people around it. If they get rid of it, they will die!

Kat tries to give it love and to try and kill it (logically) it shrivels up and dies from love overdose.

Not very scary but very creative and a great idea. This could have been longer.

3 out of 5 relatable


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