Review: The Mist


“The Mist” by Stephen King, was a gruesome tale of what happened to several innocent people after a mysterious mist blows monsters into their quiet, suburban town.

The story starts with a man named David, his son Billy and his Wife Stephanie. A horrible storm leaves their home caved in and their boat house smashed, but nobody is harmed. 5-year-old Billy is the first to discover the ruins of the boat house and a small patch of mist just in the distance. Soon after, David and Billy are to be found at the local “Stop-N-Shop” picking up a few supplies for his wife. Slowly, a quiet stop at the store turns into a devil’s trap of blood and screams.

I thought the book was very exciting and extremely hard to put down.

My favorite part of the book is very hard to pick out, but it would have to be the very first monster scene and all of them afterward. I know it’s a cheap shot to say “All the monster scenes” but they were so thought out and scary that I couldn’t (and won’t) pick any other part.

The rest of this review contains SPOILERS!

My least favorite part was when David and Amanda had a one night stand in the office of the grocery store. I didn’t think that part was needed for any reason, nor did I enjoy reading it. This scene bothered me very much sense he had a wife waiting for him (or possibly dead, we don’t know yet) back home and he was getting hot and heavy with some chick (NO SIR).

I would give this book 4 out of 5.

The one point docked off because it wasn’t longer. I recommend this book to teens and adults looking to be scared or just read some really good fiction literature. (Actually, I recommend this book for anyone with a brain and who is mature enough to read it.)

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