Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


I’ve seen this book several times and never picked it up. I subscribed to a bookcase club and got this in my first case. I put it on my to-read list for so long and I finally gave it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised.

Jacob Portman idolizes his grandfather. When Jacob was young, his grandfather told him stories of when he was a child living in an orphanage. He tells him unbelievable stories and shows photographs to go along with his stories. The photos were of peculiar children—invisible boys, strong girls, and people with mouths in the back of their heads. As Jacob gets older, just like his belief in Santa Claus, Jacob stops believing in Grandpa’s peculiar childhood.

When Jacob is fifteen, he goes to check on his grandfather and finds him dead… and he comes face to face with the monster that killed him. Jacob’s grandfather last words were “Rosebud.”

No one believes that a monster killed his Grandpa. Jacob slips into a depression and his psychiatrist, Dr. Golan, suggests he visits the island his grandpa talked about.

Jacob and his dad fly to Wales, and Jacob finds Miss Peregrine’s home. Snooping around the decaying estate, Jacob finds old photos like the ones Grandpa had.

Jacob believes his grandfather’s stories after he gets caught snooping by Emma Bloom, a girl who creates fire from nothing. Jacob gets chased into a portal into the past, which takes Jacob to September 3, 1940, the day before Miss Peregrine’s home was destroyed by a bomb dropped during World War II. The house is restored, and it’s full of peculiar children.

By peculiar, we mean kids with superpowers or strange deformities.

Miss Peregrine tells Jacob that his grandfather the home to fight the hollowgast, evil monsters that hunt the peculiars, and the same type of monster who killed Grandpa Abe. To stay safe from the hollowgast, Miss Peregrine created the time loop. They repeat the same day every day.

This was a very well written and original story. I enjoyed it very much but it did have its fair share of problems.

It reminds me of X-Men so if you like stuff like that I could see you liking this book.

About the problems. First of all, the cover made this book seem like a horror. Nothing about this book is scary. Creepy at times, sure but not scary. I avoided reading this book for a while because of that.

And speaking of images, the pictures in the book could have been incorporated better. Instead of including them in almost a textbook manner (refer to image blah blah), they could have made it a little more seamless.

The characters in this book were interesting, or their powers were. Jacob was my least favorite character. He just came off as a little selfish at times and a little bratty.

BUT overall, the book was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.

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