Review: Go Ask Alice


Go Ask Alice was one of my favorite books growing up. I read it until the cover practically fell off. I was rather disappointed when I discovered the book was completely fictional even though the author claimed it to be a real diary. I don’t like being lied to for scare tactics and I’m sure many other readers don’t like it as well.

Alice is a normal teenaged girl. She wants a boyfriend. She constantly makes promised to herself to lose weight, wash her face more and to get better grades.

Soon she’s given acid against her will at a party and quickly becomes a part of the drug scene. For about a year Alice is finding herself off drugs, on drugs, running away and back home again. After Alice is given the help she needs she finds herself taking acid one more time and having a bad trip. She ends up institutionalized.

At the end of the book when all seems at its best (Alice is back to being happy, having a boyfriend, taking care of herself and getting along with her parents), Alice overdoses and is found dead.

Whether fictional or not this is a great book for cautionary tales against hard drug use. It still reads pretty well today for teens of all ages and I recommend all teenagers read it. I give this a 4 out of 5.

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