Review: Matilda


I’ll admit, I saw the movie about a million times before ever even knowing it was a book. The second I found out, I opened it up and couldn’t put it down until it was finished.

Matilda taught herself to read at the age of 3. Her parents weren’t educated and treated her rather badly, so she escaped into her books. Once she was 4, she took herself to the library while her parents were at work.

No one cared that Matilda was a genius. Her parents cared about money, looks, and television so Matilda was constantly ignored. Once she starts school, her teacher Miss Honey notices her and it’s instantly impressed. But it’s not a home away from home for Matilda at school. Her principle is just as bad, if not worse than her parents are when it comes to being lovingly and nurturing.

Roald Dahl takes his readers into the world of a little girl’s never-ending cruelty, loneliness, and an overwhelming power to teach lessons to the adults in her life. Matilda provides a strong message to children: you’re bigger than your body.

5 out of 5 stars.

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