8 months. 8 months ago was the last time I posted anything on this blog, and for that, I would like to apologize. There is no excuse.
I want to have this blog taken seriously. 8 months with no content is inexcusable and I would like to fix that.
The last time I posted anything on this site, I just discovered I was pregnant with my son. He was born on June 9th, 2017 six weeks premature. While everything turned out fine and he’s now 2 months old, I obviously didn’t have time or energy to work on this blog.
From this day forward I plan on posting more book reviews. I plan on posting more articles and writing advice columns. I even plan on getting interviews on here as well. I haven’t decided yet if I want to rework my previous blog posts since many of them are written poorly and I’ve caught a few spelling issues hidden among them.
The URL will be changed as well. Until I know that I can be committed to this blog, the URL will be changing back to the dot WordPress dot com URL instead of the standard Taylormayemorrison.com URL.
I apologize again for my lack of work and I hope to get this blog up and running very soon.
I apologize for this post being as badly written as it is. I have a newborn and it’s 2:13 am.
Expect better content in the future.


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