Review: My Name is Caleb; I Am Dead

august 11

“Caleb wakes in an office. He is alone. A black leather book on the desk is, at first, blank, and then, in vivid purple ink, these words appear on the page:
To Caleb Endal,
May you find satisfaction.” – Excerpt from the back of the novel.

My name is Caleb; I am dead by Victor Poole, is a novel about a man named Caleb coming to terms with his unexpected death. He wakes in an office, alone and confused. A voice directs him to write in a journal to which Caleb refuses. Caleb doesn’t believe he’s dead. It’s all a dream. He’s hallucinating. He’s anything but dead.
Caleb must not only come to terms with his death, but he must also figure out how to move on with his new “life”.

I was surprised by the amount of violence there was as well. It didn’t turn me off from the book, in fact, it was a welcomed addition. The scene took me completely by surprise and never stopped doing that.

This is a fascinating novel by an up and coming author. While the writing isn’t “perfect” you care for the characters on a deep level and root for Caleb the entire way through. Only 5% of the book has dialogue, but it never gets boring and keeps you thinking. I recommend this book to anyone who likes deep thought books and doesn’t mind a little bit of gore.


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