Review: Crank

august 18

“Crank” by Ellen Hopkin is about a girl named Kristina, and “The Monster”, the drug crystal meth. Kristina quickly finds herself addicted to it and spending time with dangerous men. To distance herself from it mentally, she pretends to be a girl named Bree. Bree is prettier, more confident and more daring than Kristina is. Bree helps get Kristina more Crank.
The novel is written in verse, which can be extremely confusing and because of that, I found myself needing to re-read parts just to understand what was happening.
I couldn’t tell if it was because of the poetry or if the characters really were this way, but I felt they weren’t very realistic. They didn’t feel believable to me.
I was noticing a heavy supply of eye rolls while reading this. The story had a great potential to be amazing but, I felt the lack of realism in the characters and the confusing text, really drew it away from me.
I still think others should give it a try. It wasn’t for me but, others might think it’s interesting. If you enjoy reading about tragic stories or about drug addiction, give this a try.


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