Review: Panic

august 25

Panic by Lauren Oliver is a story of four high school seniors participating in a summer game called “Panic”. It’s held every year in this town for senior graduates with a large cash prize to the winner.

The game is called Panic for obvious reasons. It’s dangerous, and it’s scary. People have died in this game and many required hospitalization. But, of course, this is just what you do within a town of 12,000.
Heather is the main character and she just happened to find herself playing this deadly game. The cash prize would give her her dream of getting out of her town.
The other 3 characters are Heather’s friends with equally good reasons to play the game.

I really enjoyed this novel. The story was original and many events were interesting to read.
I don’t think it’s nearly as good as “before I fall” for many reasons, but I’m glad I read it. I probably won’t read it a second time.
The characters at times felt too similar to each other which made it confusing to follow the arcs of each person.
Oliver also repeated descriptions often which just felt lazy. The overall idea of the book was interesting, but I just didn’t feel as attached to the characters to care. Worth reading but not in my top favorites.
I can, however, recommend it to anybody who enjoys young adult novels.


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