Haunted Mask II Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

We return to the story of the haunted mask only this time, we follow book one’s protagonist’s bully. This is an interesting twist RL hasn’t done before.

Steve wants to scare the soccer team of first graders he coaches so he asks Carly Beth where she got her scary mask. For some reason, she tells him about the store. Steve breaks into the basement of the store and gets caught. While running away, he steals an old man mask and just as you expect, he can’t take it off and slowly turns into an old man. He finds Carly Beth and she takes him back to the store and together they find a way to remove the mask. On the way home, they find Chuck can’t take his mask off either.

This story is…not good. It’s the exact same thing as the first one, right down to the “someone else has a mask they can’t take off, “twist”. This is literally the same story only the first was more original and creepy. This one was just bad.

1 out of 5 stars.


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