How I Got my Shrunken Head Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

I remember seeing this one from the TV show and thinking it was strange. Let’s see if the book is any better.

Mark likes video games, he hates going outside. His favorite is a game called “Jungle King” and he screams “KA-LEE-AHH” while playing (this is important I promise). One day a friend of his aunt’s arrives at the house explaining she’s gone missing in the jungle. SHe gives Mark a shrunken head and spends the night. Mark notices his head glows occasionally.

The next morning Mark’s mom tells him he should go to the jungle to visit his aunt Berna and off he went (parents!).

After he arrives, he’s told his aunt was missing (thought he knew this already?). But they also asked him to help them find her….ok?

They believe Mark has jungle magic since his aunt gave it to him a few years back.

Soon he discovers people want his aunt dead and that’s why she ran away. Mark learns yelling “Kah-Lee-ah” and holding the head will help him while he’s in danger; The jungle comes to his aid. He uses his power to shrink the people who want his aunt dead and they go home.

Yup, just as weird as I remembered it was a better book though.

3 out of 5.


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