Egg Monsters From Mars Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (10)

The title for this one implies it’s going to be really weird, but it’s not. Sure it’s a bit interesting but for the most part, it’s very straightforward.

Dana finds a strange egg at his sister’s birthday party that hates into a strange Goo monster

He takes the monster to a scientist (ooookaaayyy) who tells him the Goo monster is a martian and locks Dana and the egg into the freezer.

He’s locked in there for so long he starts to freeze to death (dark!) but the Goo monsters save him by becoming a blanket for him.

The next day the Goo monsters attack the scientist. Dana gets away but no one believes him of course).

The end of the book, Dana lays an egg…wow.

This was strange but I’ve read stranger. THe end was really weird with the 12-year-old laying an egg….where did it come out of?


3 out of 5


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