Ghost Camp Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (13)

RL Stine loves writing about Ghosts and Camps. He might have had a traumatic camping incident as a child.

Harry and Alex Allman are sent to a summer camp by their parents, on the bus they were the only ones there and the camp was in the middle of nowhere. That’s not where the weird ends.

A girl touches fire, a boy stabs himself with a fork and a girls head falls off. They question it but that’s it.

One night Harry;s crush Wendy tells him that everyone is a ghost and she needs to possess him to leave the camp. Harry runs away obviously. They get attacked by monsters and discover that not believing in monsters would make them go away (similar to Freddy Krueger). Same goes for the ghosts at the camp.

They escape to the highway and Harry realizes his brother was possessed.

THis one was strange. The beginning was good but the ending didn’t make sense. How can they not believe in ghosts if they just spend part of their summer with them? It’s just felt like a copout and if not believing in them made them disappear why did Alex get possessed? Oh well.

2 out of 5


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