How to Kill a Monster Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (14)

Swamp monsters are staples to any horror genre and this one will be better than “You can’t scare me.” I hope anyway.

Gretchen and Clark are step-siblings visiting their grandparents for a few days. While there, their grandparents want them not to go near the locked door upstairs. It wouldn’t be a goosebump book if they listened, so the two of them go anyway. Inside, they find a swamp monster.

The monster escapes after the kids discover they’re locked in the house. (1. How is that possible and 2. Isn’t that a fire hazard?).

Gretchen and Clark try to kill the monster a few different times, but once the monster starts to eat them it learns its allergic to humans….what? The monster dies from a food allergy to children.

They run out of the house and into the swamp, but there’s another note from their grandparents telling them there are more monsters in the swamp.

I had hoped for this one, but all the choppy excuses and plot holes nearly killed it for me. Oh well.

Also, the twist of the monsters in the swamp makes no sense as a scare tactic because we know they can’t eat the kids. So…

1 out of 5


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