Legend of the Lost Legend Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (15)

RL Stine has a fascination with wild, legendary animals. He should write a series about animals, it seems like it’s a passion.

RL started this story the worst way, it wasn’t a dream but the next best thing.

Justin and Marissa are with their father in Antarctica while there they are looking for a blue sea lion. Soon they get trapped on the ice and get carried away to sea…BUT OH NO!  It was a story their father was telling them what a cheap trick. We don’t know the characters yet and it gave us something interesting that didn’t even matter.

Justin and Marissa are ACTUALLY on a trip with their dad to Brouinia to find the “Legend of the Lost Legend” (this was much more interesting than the actual beginning). They separated from their dad to look for the beast.

The kids end up lost in the fantasy forest being attacked by bats (they have a terrible dad). They run and make it back to Ivana and Luka (A woman and dog with a human face they found in the woods earlier) turns out Ivana is a wind-up toy and Luka is a boy who speaks English. He tells them the direction of the lost legend.

Their father finds them in the woods and they find the legend.

Turns out if you have the lost legend you’ll always be lost.

This one was original but it was a little too strange. It didn’t feel like a Goosebump book.

2 out of 5


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