Attack of the Jack-O’-Lantern Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (16)

Attack of the Jack O’ lantern was an interesting story with an ok ending.

It felt adult as well and actually kind of scary.

Drew Brockman has 2 friends Tabby and Lee who played a prank on her during a party. They got two masked men to come to the party and force everyone to the ground. Break-ins and fearing for your life is a great prank *two thumbs up*.

Drew wants revenge, so on Halloween, she tries to do her prank but fails, or so we thought. Two people with Jack O lanterns for heads join them and force them to trick or treat or they would burn. Literally.

This scares the crap out of Tabby and Lee (obviously).

Turns out Drew’s prank was a success. Her friend Shane and Shona were alien shapeshifters.

This one was actually pretty spoooky but the ending felt very deus ex machina.

3 out of 5.


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