Vampire Breath Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (17)

Gotta have Vampires eventually right? I’m surprised he didn’t go for them sooner. This one was honestly up there with Twilight in my opinion. Bad.

Freddy Martinez and Cara Simoretti discover a secret room in Freddy’s basement. Inside the room is a coffin with a tiny vial of “Vampire breath”.

Of course, they open it which releases a fog. The fog turns into Count Nightwing (nice name), a vampire.

When he tries to attack the kids he realizes he doesn’t have teeth. He tells the kids to open the vampire breath vial to help him find his teeth. Of course, they do…I have no idea why honestly. He can’t hurt them without his teeth and why would they help him find his teeth? Anyway,

they go back in time and the vampire says he will turn them into vampires after he finds his teeth.

They run away and get attacked by a vampire named Gwendolyn. Count Nightwing saves them. Again, I don’t know why.

They find the new vial of vampire breath and go back home. They bring Count back on accident but it turns out Count is Freddy’s grandpa…how didn’t he know this?

Anyway, Freddy’s a vampire and doesn’t know it.

I don’t know, this one seemed like a stretch. The vampire breath vial was a bit weird for me also and the vampire fangs being missing was weird too.

I don’t know this didn’t settle well with me.

1 out of 5.


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