How I Learned to Fly *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (20)

“How I learned to Fly” was a different direction for the Goosebump books. It wasn’t scary, but it had a deeper meaning than most of the others have. I’m wondering if this book was a message from RL Stine himself on his feelings to this matter.

Jack Johnson has a crush on Mia Montez, he’s also picked on by Wilson Sclamme. Jack wants to beat Wilson in some sort of competition just to get the upper hand on him but can’t. Jack loses constantly.
One day, he’s chased into a spooky house and finds a book and strange powder that claims it will make him fly. He takes the powder (this is why you supervise your children!) and he flies all around town!
Jack challenges Wilson to a race not knowing that Wilson also stole and took the flying potion (children all over town just drinking mystery powders that claim it will “make them fly”…not good…I know a few powders that can do that and none of them are legal).
Soon they are both flying and become celebrities for their abilities. Jack Johnson hates being famous and quickly loses his ability to fly. It was a bittersweet thing for Jack because now he gets to spend more time with Mia while Wilson goes away and becomes famous.
I feel RL Stine is trying to say that being famous isn’t as glamorous as some children might think it is. Its a great message for kids, but it wasn’t scary.
4 out of 5


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