Chicken, Chicken Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (21)

I have a feeling Chicken, Chicken one is going to be another very strange goosebump book. The title and the cover just gave that away.

Crystal and Cole are brother and sister who move to a new town. One day while at the grocery store they bump into Vanessa and don’t apologize. Instead of just letting it go, Vanessa curst them and they slowly turn into chickens.

They break into Vanessa’s house to find a reversal spell but they mess up a few time sand Vanessa catches them. Cole and crystal apologize to Vanessa and she changes them back into kids. Vanessa is straight crazy because right after fixing them Cole burps in front of her and she changes him into a pig (why???).

This story is just a way to scare kids into being polite. what kind of woman just willy-nilly transforms people into animals for being rude? handy…but still.

1 out of 5.


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