Don’t Go to Sleep Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (22)

“Don’t Go to Sleep” was one of those Goosebump tv show episodes I remember hating so much. It was ridiculous, it was strange and it had a terrible message. After I read the book, I realized, the episodes just messed up the book entirely. It completely missed the point of the book and took away the scares. I enjoyed the book a million times better than the episode.
Matthew Amsterdam is a 12-year-old boy who hates his bedroom. He wants to move into the guest room so one night he sneaks into sleep.
Mathew keeps waking up every morning in different scenarios, like being a high schooler, and even a monster at one point!
The girl Lacie he met while a high schooler catches him and tells him she’s a Reality Cop. The guest room is revealed to be a portal into different realities.
After sleeping in his own bed, he breaks the chain and comes back to his own reality.
The tv show made it all out to be a dream sort of and the message was “don’t ask for things if you’re 12”. It was totally wrong and that explains why I didn’t like it but enjoyed the book.
4 out of 5


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