The Blob That Ate Everyone Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (23)

Have you ever read a story so interesting but the ending completely ruined it? That’s “The Blob That Ate Everyone”.

Zackie Beauchamp wants to be a horror story writer. He writes a story about a blob monster attacking everyone. His friend Alex enjoys the story, but his friend Adam doesn’t.
One night they sneak into an old building at night for fun and Zackie finds an old typewriter. He takes it home.
Once home, Zackie goes back to writing his story and discovers his typewriter can make things happen in real life. Soon, Zack gets the entire town attacked by a blob monster on accident.
While trying to fix it, Zackie, Adam, and Alex get eaten by the blob.
The story ends with a pink blob monster reading their story to a green blob monster. The green blob suggests to change the ending, so the pink monster changes it so that monster eats everyone instead.
This ending is garbage. It comes out of nowhere, there’s no real foreshadowing and it was just a cop out because he didn’t know how to end it for real.
Very disappointing.
2 out of 5


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