My Best Friend is Invisible Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (25)

My best friend is invisible is the exact same bait and switch idea as “the girl who cried monster.”

Sammy Jacobs and Roxanne are best friends. Roxanne suggests to visit a haunted house that weekend, but Sammy would much rather watch a horror movie. During the discussion, they find a flashlight his dad invented that allows invisible things to become visible.

Roxanne goes home and Sammy notices weird things happening around him. This room gets destroyed, his food goes missing and his cat wants nothing to do with him. He blames a ghost.

He soon discovers it’s not a ghost, but an invisible boy. Why he didn’t immediately get his dad’s flashlight meant for this exact thing, ill never know.

The boy’s name is Brent Green and no one believes Sammy about his invisible friend. Roxanne even gets him picked on for it at school (nice friend). Sammy tries to convince Brent to go live with Roxanne, but he doesn’t want to. Later, he and Roxanne go to the haunted house. There, Roxanne gets attacked by a ghost.

Back home the ghost is revealed to be Brent. Sammy finally gets the flashlight and shows everyone he is real.

Brent looks like a monster! Two arms, two eyes, two legs, one head, no tentacles or suction cups. He’s human!

They decide to send him to a zoo since humans are endangered.

Overall this would be much better if he didn’t already do this exact plot with the girl who cried monster. Oh well.

3 out of 5


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