Deep Trouble II Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (26)

Oh another GB sequel…whatever shall we do?

This one takes place one year after Deep Trouble one ends.

Billy and Shena love to prank each other and spend their summer on their uncle’s boat doing just that.

During this time their uncle discovers a giant minnow and can’t figure out why it’s so huge. Billy swipes some plankton from him to feed his pet goldfish.

Later they discover a giant snail on the boat and two whales sized goldfish. After that three men show up, one of them named Dr. Ritter. Turns out, they created special plankton meant to make fish big in an attempt to end world hunger. He tells them all that they cant live after knowing this (hold up! They want to end world hunger…which is nice, but want to kill children because they found out? That makes no sense). Billy, Shena, and their uncle escape on lifeboats after the men get distracted by giant seagulls and find an abandoned island.

Two dolphins get tangled in ropes attached to their lifeboat and drag them back to their boat.

Once back on the boat Dr. Ritter says if the plankton is eaten by humans they will turn into fish forever.

He tries to force Billy to drink the flask full of plankton but Billy BRILLIANTLY uses pillows in an attempt to trick Dr. Ritter into thinking he transformed into a fish. Billy’s forced to drink it, but nothing happens.

Dr. Ritter sees he will lose and eats the plankton himself, turns into a fish and swims away…amazing.

Turns out Billy and Sheena both filled those flasks with tea as an attempt to prank eachother…how I’m not sure, but that saved Billy.

Sheena ends the book by drinking from a flask and then isn’t sure if she drank from the right one…BRILLIANT!

Another wonderful sequel added to the GB family. This one had a lot of things that made no sense as well as some things that I didn’t mention.

The entire part with the island could have been cut with no issues and the pillow thing was just….I have no words.

1 out of 5


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