The Haunted School Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (27)

The Haunted School didn’t feel like a Goosebump book. Sadly, it was because the plot actually made sense and was super interesting. It had moments of being dumb, but nothing really noteworthy.

Tommy Frazer moved to a new school and meets a girl named Thalia Halpert. She’s pretty and wears a lot of makeup including bright red lipstick. They join the school community to work on the dance. Later, Tommy finds a room marked “Class of 1947’. The inside is filled with statues of children to remember the 25 students who disappeared in 1947 (that was the weird part I mentioned before).

On the night of the dance, Tommy and his friend Ben find an elevator that takes them to a new world that’s entirely black and white.

There they find the missing kids from 1947. The kids tell Tommy and Ben the camera that took their photo had a cracked lens and it sent them to this colorless world.

After escaping from people trying to turn them black and white, the elevator opens and Thalia enters the world. Turns out she escaped the colorless world but hid her grayscale skin with makeup.

She missed her friends so she came back to stay and help Tommy and Ben escape.

Tommy and Ben return to their class getting their photo taken by a camera with a cracked lens. Its implied they were teleported to the grey world.

This wasn’t scary but I thought the visuals and idea were unique and interesting.

5 out of 5.


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