I Live in Your Basement Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (29)

FINALLY! Finally! finally! A great, twisted, disturbing, scary, GB book. I don’t know how this one slipped by. I Live in Your Basement was genuinely freaky.

Marco a young student plays softball with friends school. His mother advised him not to because she believed it was a dangerous game. During the game, Marco is hit in the head with a baseball bat by Gwynnie, a girl at his school. He wakes up later on his couch. The phone rings and Marco answers. The voice on the other end is a boy named Keith who claims to live in his basement. Keith says Marco must take care of him. Marco continues to hear footsteps and voices coming from the basement. A few days later he returns to school where his teacher asks him about the hospital visit he doesn’t remember going to.

After school, he heads home and goes up to his room. There, a boy with sunken eyes and black hair waits for him. It’s Keith.

His mother worries about Marco since Marco is obsessing about this boy he can’t prove is real. She takes him to the doctor where the doctor threatens to remove his brain (Scientific).

Weird things keep happening to Marco at home like Keith appearing on his computer monitor. Gwynnie comes over to apologize for hurting him and he takes her to the basement to try and find Keith. Once there, Gwynnie pulls herself inside out (literally) and Marco wakes up in the hospital.

Turns out it was a dream (lame) and Gwynnie is actually his sister (strange). His doctor arrives and stretches Marco’s tongue out like an airhead commercial. Marco wakes again to a seven-foot doctor handing him a note from Keith telling him to get better.

The next day Marco finds Keith in his bedroom again. Marco hits Keith with a stone owl and he turns into a pile of slush. The slush attacks Marco. During the fight, his mother asks what he’s doing. Marco feels like he’s going crazy.

Back in his room, Keith is waiting for him and Marco finally obeyed his request. Keith smiles and pukes all over the floor.

The narrator wakes up screaming. His mom tells the narrator (KEITH) that he shouldn’t have played softball with Marco and just because Keith lives in the basement and looks human he’s still capable of getting hurt. It was all a dream, Keith’s dream, and hes a monster.

I loved this story. There were parts that definitely were a bit confusing (the end particularly) but the originality of it all was amazing (even if he used the “it was all a dream” cliche.) The visuals were fantastic and actually felt freaky while reading.

5 out of 5.


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