Monster Blood IV Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

Book Review (30)


I have really enjoyed writing these reviews and I hope I can find something just as enjoyable for next year to do. I’ll take suggestions and if you haven’t read my previous goosebump reviews from last year (CLICK HERE).

Stay safe and have fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Alright, let’s get started. I can’t believe there have been 4 of these books. Of all the GB books to get sequels, why this one? It’s the strangest and most unrealistic one of the series.

Evan Ross is forced to visit his cousin Kermit while his parents are away. Kermit shows Andy and Evan the electric fence used to keep his pet mice in the yard (That not possible to use on mice but ok) and accidentally shocks the school bully, Conan. Conan beats up Evan for the incident.

Andy shows up with a can of Monster Blood and tells Evan to use it for revenge. You know she’s a psychopath when she didn’t learn from the 3 other times this didn’t go well). She says she found it in a dumper because ok….Evan opens the can to send it after Conan and sees it’s blue instead of the usual green. A monster with big lips and sharp teeth comes out of the can.

The creature drinks water from the water spout and explodes, making copies of itself. *Cough* Gremlins *cough*

After Kermit hides the creatures in the bathroom, (FACEPALM) they multiply again. Kermit, Evan, and Andy try to kill them with the electric fence (Again, not possible, but Kermit forgot to turn it on regardless *Double facepalm*)

The monsters escape and drink Conan’s drink. Eventually, the monsters eat each other until they are all gone (How was THAT possible?) A scientist explains that the Monster Blood was part of a ten-year experiment (then why was it in the trash?) and he asks them not to tell anyone…..They don’t (scouts honor).

Later Conan multiplies and tells them he’s really thirsty. PLOT TWIST….meh

I hate that we have to end on this one but I guess that’s just how it is. Ugh.

1 out of 5

Here’s to next year.



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