Flash fiction

Ive never really attempted flash fiction before, but I joined a group on scribophile (nonspon) that gave picture prompts every Monday to give flash fiction writers some exercise. This is my first attempt.

Note: It had to be 150 exactly.

My father never supported me. I moved out immediately after his birthday party two years ago. We went to a boat race he wanted to see. Dad wore a Calvin Klein shirt his sister gave him that he hated. Uncle Jerry picked on it the whole day.

“Fuck off. I ain’t no fag.” My father said.

A knot formed in my stomach. I ignored them by taking pictures of the party.

“Hey Susan,” Jerry yelled out to dad’s coworker, “like Greg’s Calvin Klein shirt? I think he’s coming out of the closet!”

My hands shook, my eyes watered.

“I told you, shit head, I ain’t no faggot.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, I held up my camera. “Dad, ” I yelled ready to snap a photo. He turned straight to me, “I’m gay!”

The disappointment I saw after developing the camera roll months later really reminded me why I left.