Ghost Camp Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

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RL Stine loves writing about Ghosts and Camps. He might have had a traumatic camping incident as a child.

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Beast From the East Review *31 Days of Goosebumps*

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I honestly thought this book was pretty cute. It had moments of being creepy, but the overall concept felt adorable for some reason.
Ginger Wald is a 12-year-old girl camping with her parents and twin brothers.
Ginger plays hide-and-seek with her brothers and gets lost in the woods. Soon, they discover a forest full of blue trees and giant bearlike creatures.
The bear creatures want to play “beast from the east” with Ginger, this game is essentially a complicated game of tag where the loser gets eaten.
After spending all night running from these creatures and trying to tag one to be the next “beast from the east” Ginger’s brothers find her. The creatures think the twins are copies of each other and accuse them of being “level 3 players” which is too advanced for them. Ginger is let free.
Unfortunately, on her way back to camp, she finds herself in a group of level 3 players and gets pushed into a game.
The thing I found cute about this book was how Ginger discovers a group of scary, killer, beasts and all they wanna do is play tag. Of course, they eat the loser, but still.
4 out of 5.