Works in Progress

I’m currently working on a variety of things, from short stories to novels.

These are a few of the things I’m working on (in order of importance)

1. Ash to Ash: (Novel- possible trilogy)- A woman named Natalie fights to rescue her child from a vampire who’s kidnapped her all while facing everyday struggles and a few supernatural ones.
2. Jimmy the Unemployed Reaper: (A short story/Novel)- This started out as a short story and is slowly being turned into a book, as well as a possible trilogy taking place after this story is over. A teenager named Jimmy recently discovered he’s a Grim Reaper but, refuses to do his job. Chaos ensues after he fails to take the soul of a man named David.
3. Thursday Morning: (Short Story)- This story is currently in the works of being approved or denied for publication. Further submissions of this story will happen after hearing news from this magazine. A boy named Issac tells his story while in a classroom with a gun-wielding teacher.
4. Remember to Breathe: (Novel)- After facing many years of abuse from her grandparents, Nicole runs away from her home to help her best friend prove her dad is dating a scam artist.
5. Summer: (Novel)- A boy and girl named Simon and Abbey fall in love at a young age. Abbey was raised with an alcoholic father, and Simon has a heart of gold.
6. Stephen: (Novel)- This novel is based on the “Last Temptations” album by Alice Cooper. The first chapter is already posted on the blog
7. Drag (Working title): (Novel)- Kyle slowly discovers who he is through experimenting with being a drag queen.
8. Dead (working Title): (Novel)- A zombie novel from the point of view of the zombie.

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